Where can I get rid of compost?

If you’ve used all the compost you can in your garden, in potted plants, and on your lawn (and you’ve stored some away for later use), you should have no trouble finding someone to take the remainder of it off your hands. If you have friends, family, or neighbors who garden, they will more than likely be willing to take some of your surplus compost off your hands. You can also check with schools that have gardens or community gardens in your area that may be able to put your extra compost to use.

Farms located near you should have plenty of land that they’re growing things on where your compost could be put to good use. Farmer’s markets in some cities have collection locations where you can drop off food waste and compost. Some composters have even turned to websites like Craigslist to sell their excess compost or give it away for free.

However, before you get rid of your compost, you should be certain that you don’t have a use for it yourself. In addition to mixing compost into your soil, you can also layer it on top of your garden beds and use it as a mulch. If you keep horses or cows, compost can be used as bedding for these animals. You can also use compost as you would soil to level out uneven or sloping areas on your property.

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