When should you start a compost pile?

QUESTION: When should you start a compost pile?

ANSWER: You can begin your composting routine at any time of year without major drawbacks. However, there are a few advantages to starting at certain times, especially for people in certain climates. Spring may make the most sense as a starting point simply because it’s the beginning of the gardening season, so you’ll already be working out in the garden. The weather will also be temperate and comfortable to work in. 

However, if you start composting in the fall, you may have a batch of compost ready to use in your garden by the following spring, so you’ll start seeing the rewards before too much time passes.

Autumn leaves also make an excellent composting material to help kick things off. In cold regions, winter temperatures may put a stop to the microbial activity in your compost heap, so winter may not be the best time to begin if you live somewhere cold.

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