Does a compost pile need sun?

QUESTION: Does a compost pile need sun?

ANSWER: On first thought, it may seem like your compost pile needs sun to help heat it up and speed the process of decomposition. However, the sun’s rays aren’t what will cause the compost to heat up. Instead, the heat is due to microbial activity inside the compost pile. Sun isn’t a requirement for compost.

In fact, some people keep their compost indoors if they don’t have space for it outside or if they use vermicomposting and need to protect their worms from extreme weather conditions. If you live somewhere warm, you’ll want to choose a shady spot for your compost pile so the sun doesn’t cause the moisture to evaporate.

But if your climate is colder and wetter, moisture loss won’t be a problem, and you’ll probably be dealing with an excess of moisture in your compost. In that case, a sunnier spot will help keep things from getting too wet in your compost pile.

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