Compost Piles

Composting with compost bins instead of compost piles.

Why I like using a tumbler or bin instead of just a compost pile

1. Compost bins are nicer looking. Neighbors and family members won’t complain about an ugly homemade compost pile or bin made of chicken wire or ugly wooden pallets.

2. Compost bins and tumblers keep the pile hotter. Since the compost is all piled together inside the bin and kept close, it heats up and breaks down better. With a plain old compost pile, the compost tends to spread out and only heat up in the middle of the pile.

3. Compost bins are easier to deal with. It’s kind of like having a trash can instead of a trash heap. You have a specific spot where the compost goes other than an ugly compost pile, so you’re more likely to use it.

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If you use a compost pile, be sure to keep it well mixed with a compost aerating tool.

What about compost tumblers?

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  1. Hi,

    This is a very informative website. I am new to gardening and composting and learning a lot here. Thanks for all the information.

    I wish to bring to your notice that although this page is titled and linked as “compost piles” it contains description of compost bins.

    Thanks again and best luck.

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