Can I make compost indoors?

kitchen scraps for composting

QUESTION: Can I make compost indoors? I live in an apartment and don’t have a yard. – Elizabeth H

If composting outdoors is not an option, there are several different ways to set up an indoor composting system that will help you cut down on waste that you send to a landfill while supplying you with high-quality compost for your garden.

The easiest way to compost indoors is by using a worm bin that uses earthworms such as red wigglers and redworms to help break down organic materials and turn them into valuable, nutrient-rich compost. For a worm bin, you will need to purchase a pre-made worm bin or make your own out of a plastic storage bin or a wooden crate. You will also need to purchase one to two pounds of worms. Even though worm bins are the easiest way to compost indoors, a lot of people might be opposed to bringing hundreds of worms inside their homes, even if they are contained in a sealed-off bin. 

There are several indoor composting systems that you can choose that don’t require bringing hundreds of worms into your home. Indoor compost bins can be made out of plastic storage bins or five-gallon buckets. This style of composting is called Bokashi composting. The bucket is completely sealed. When you open it up, it will smell bad! But eventually the materials inside will be ready to be used as finished compost.