Dog Poop Composting Options

When it comes to dog poop composting, you have to be careful.

You should never add dog poop to your regular compost bin or compost pile. It will just contaminate the rest of the pile or bin. Dog poop can contain pathogens that are unhealthy.

However, there are ways to compost dog poop. Most of them involve specifically designed in ground composters that work sort of like a septic system. Part of the bin will be buried into the ground, where it can break down over time and keep any potential pathogens away from the rest of your yard or garden.

dog poop composter

The Doggie Dooley Dog Poop Composter Model 3000 is designed just like a mini septic tank. It has a galvanized steel tank with small drainage holes in the bottom. You bury it in the ground, where you only see the lid. You dig a hole 48 inches deep so that there is additional drainage room underneath the unit. It comes with a special digester enzyme that breaks down the poop and keeps the unit empty. It should never fill up if installed and used properly. This unit is not a good choice for clay soils with poor drainage, but a good choice for other types of soil. It is suitable for 2 large dogs or up to 4 smaller dogs. It costs in the $49 range, and comes with 6 months worth of enzyme. You can buy additional enzyme inexpensively. You have to keep everything moist and add water regularly to make it work.

doggie dooley deluxe poop composter

The Deluxe Doggie Dooley Large Pyramid Dog Poop Composter is similar to the Model 3000, except that it uses a leech bed style system instead of a septic style system. That means that you don’t have to dig as deep of a hole underneath the unit when you install it. Once again, it comes with 6 month’s worth of enzymes, and is suitable for 4 small dogs or 2 big dogs. This dog poop composter also does not work well with heavy clay soil that doesn’t drain well. You have to add water regularly to keep everything breaking down correctly. It costs around $57 or so.