Should I put bread in compost?

QUESTION: Should I put bread in compost?

ANSWER: You may have seen bread and bread products listed as a type of ingredient that you should not include in composting, but with a few precautions, bread products are safe for composting.

The only concern with bread products, and the reason they land on those lists of things not to compost, is that they can attract rodents and other pest animals to your composting area. In order to compost bread products without also bringing in a crowd of wildlife, just tuck the bread down into the compost pile so that it’s not sitting right on top of the heap.

If your compost container has a lid, close the lid as well for good measure. As long as the bread is covered by other compost ingredients, it shouldn’t attract pests. Bread and bread products count as a nitrogen-rich “green” composting ingredient. Do not include any bread in your compost pile that also contains meat, dairy products (like cheese), fish, or grease (so no buttered bread).

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